Let’s Play

Attach, detach
Attach, detach
Running around in the garden patch

Reach out and push
Reach out and push
Round and round the Mulberry bush

Hop and run
Hop and run
Clueless hare caught under the sun

Skip and fall
Skip and fall
Scathe your knees as you crawl

Beg and plead
Beg and plead
Fear and misery is what they feed

Scream and shout
Scream and shout
Scarlet and gushing, bloody bout

Can You Hear Me?

Like a kiss stolen under the night sky
Like the silvery streaks of the moonlight
Like the flowing water that caresses the shore
Like a rose in full bloom
Like the creeping storm about to break
Like the wind that whips the trees
Like the lightning that strikes across the sky
Like the thunder that storms inside of you
Like an angry bee that was disturbed
Like the needle that pierces a hole in your flesh
Like a gash tearing right through the soul

A silent scream
A deafening prayer
A love torn apart
A lifelong burn to bear

Ice-cream Cake Heaven!

imageSo, my mum decided to make Nigella’s Ice-cream Cake and it turned out heavenly. The first time I had it, I obviously smeared it with butterscotch sauce (only after heating it in the microwave first, of course). It was sensational.

The second time I had it, I decided to make it a little interesting and decided to pour some chocolate onto it. Well, it obviously wasn’t going to be plain old chocolate syrup so I melted Milka (which had hazelnuts in it) in the microwave and continued to slather my slice with it. And boy was it worth it! Definitely melt some chocolate as “chocolate sauce” if you decide to make this cake. It completely takes the cake to another level of heavenly deliciousness.

You Are Free

Free to soar
Unshackled to sprint
Dive to swim across the sea
Breathe in the air
Twist your toes on the ground
And cut through the free touch of the waves

Put on your wings
Do not heed what they say
Know that you do not have to listen
They are abstract ideas
That do not belong to you
Go and find your way in this world

Find your voice
Know you have the strength
You can ask for what you want
Fight for what you need
Raise your voice above the crowd
You are the only one who can fight for yourself

Do not be weighed down
Do not let them bind you
Do not slow down
Do not let them catch you
Fly, run, soar so that you are forever your own
And no one can ever throw a cage over you again

Rotten Inside

I claw at my face
With my jagged nails
Trying to rip out
What you left
Inside of me

Blood and tears
I cannot tell
The difference anymore
All I want is for the demon to leave

It writhes
It bites
It creates
A deep hollow
That I cannot remove

Every twitch
Every scream
Wants to let out
What plays havoc inside
Never wanting to leave

Every second
Every minute
The desire
To turn myself inside out
Gets stronger and stronger

Until all I can think of
Is to rip my insides out
To rid myself
Of that plague you gifted to me
That has only left a hollow rotting carcass inside

My Crushed Soul

You mock
You laugh
You think you won
You think you had the last round

But you
Do not know
What’s hidden up my sleeve
Get ready to be beaten to the ground

You come
And you wreck
You think you are mighty
That all the worlds power is in you

Think again
Make sure
Face to face with me
To find out how much of that is true

You will not know
How you landed
Really hard on your pride
Unfathomable as it may be to you

But when I rise
You will see
That no power is mightier
Than when a soul you think you crushed rises true