Weekly Photo Challenge – Twisted: Naked Trees


Twisted – Naked trees in parks at night


Weekly Photo Challenge – Place In The World: Vibrant Streets


Vibrant streets in big cities.

Place in the World

Times Square In The Rain

imageSo we all know how bucket lists work: you have a list of things you want to do over the period of your life. It might be a list you’ve made in your head with a rough plan on how it’ll go down when it happens or, if you’re more organised, you’ve probably noted everything down somewhere (either on a piece of paper or on your computer; maybe in your notes on your phone, who knows? The possibilities are endless) and have each item on the list planned down to the nitty gritty. Continue reading “Times Square In The Rain”

When Fragile Pakistani Men Rally Against a Poster

Trigger warning: This post mentions rape, murder, and sexual harassment.

Also, trigger warning for men with fragile masculinity and needlessly inflated egos.

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank ignorant people on social media for igniting my anger enough to rant here. Second, let’s proceed to examine why this rant has come into existence.

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