(This is the first poem I wrote that did not have rhyme. This is the third poem I wrote that was not related to schoolwork! I wrote it when I was 12 or 13.)

She stood there in the rain,
Waiting, waiting for someone to come and rescue her,
Rescue her from the terrible storm she was standing in.
She waited, waited, waited for what seemed like eternity.
The wind howled,whistled, she stood there, helpless, restless.
She just stood there looking,
Looking for someone to come and protect her from,
The evil souls and ghouls that were present around her.
Now she just uttered a gasp and gave up.
No one was coming now so she lay down,
A tear trickled down her cheek mixing with rain, 
As she peacefully closed her eyes and fell asleep.


3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. If everything were meant to rhyme, ‘blank verses’ would have never existed.

    And this one is one of its kind that instantly creates a picture in your mind! Good one.


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