(I wrote this one while I was extremely bored in one of my classes at university. Came home, refined it a bit and added a few more lines. I tried rhyme this time. This was a couple of years back!)

Dark and deep

In the bowels of the earth

Alone you weep

Regretting your birth

Spooky shadows creep

Around you, begging for your soul

You lie in a heap

Feeling anything but whole


You wonder what your purpose was

To be put upon the ground

All you did was enact laws

And aroused people so that they frowned

Upon you and your selfish deeds

They wished for you to have drowned

In your own insatiable greed

In which you abound


All your acts were shameful

And you were flung down hard

Now you are hateful

Sinful and scarred

You should be grateful

That this is the end

This point in time is fateful

Now it’s time for you to bend


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