Creative Writing / Fiction / 5

(I think I completed Lord of the Rings a little while before I added this piece to my Creative Writing project. This is basically an inspiration from the book.)


You are nothing but a minion of a higher, darker power you do not see. You fear Him, you toil for Him, you serve Him, yet you hate Him. His hold over you is unbreakable. You resist and you break. There is no escape. Like a contract you’ve signed. An irrevocable deal. You are bound in His servitude. Every drop of sweat and blood that has escaped your body is for His service. His faceless superiority is what you fear. He is an unknown leader. Your leader. Unknown to his slaves but known across lands far and wide. Loved by none but feared by all. Concealed by face, but present by body. His absence magnifies your fear of Him as His omnipresence weighs you down. An inexplicable drive pushes you to work harder. And you submit. You labor away, with renewed force and energy. Your back is bent and darkness spreads around you. The fire that escapes from the mountain top sheds but a weak glow to illuminate your vision. The murky sky darkens and makes it harder for you to see. The gloom deepens as you hear a slave being whipped for his inability to exert more effort in his labors. Yet, you toil on. Ignorance and indifference have hardened you. Signed into His service for life, you have resigned yourself to His overwhelming authority. You do not think about escape, previously something that frequently consumed your head. Now, your indifference rules you and you carry on with your work.


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