Creative Writing / Fiction / 6


12 Sentence Sketch

It was tempting to grab the shining knife and run it through her. I could smell the steely odor of red blood oozing out of her limp body. Out of a deep gash on her back, through the spine. It would be like cutting a cord that kills life. No breathing, no laughing, no sleeping, no dreaming: an end to all the pleasures that one indulges in in life and an end to all the pain and misery her presence causes. Kill and take vengeance. Closure and peace of mind and body and soul. My wish is about to be fulfilled as I close my hand around the blade’s handle. I will remember this day as one when I overcame my trepidation and finished what I came for. A silent slash in her slim spine. “At times violence pacifies”, and it did. Violence, revenge and death.


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