Creative Writing / Dialogue

(This is going to be the last post with regards to my Creative Writing project since this is the last section in the book. It is a dialogue we wrote as an assignment. It’s in the format of a script.)

All We Are



A cynical Old Woman, the grand mother (sitting in a rocking chair, with a blanket on her knees, eyes closed. Her husband has died recently)

A hopeful Father (holding a new born child)

An idealistic Daughter

Daughter (walking into the room)

Dad, guess what? I got the scholarship to go for the student exchange programme. I’m so excited. A cultural experience. Finally. You are going to let me go, right?


That’s great, honey. Well, yes. I don’t see why not. Keep it down though. The little one’s finally gone to sleep.

Daughter (lowering her voice)

Oops, sorry. Just too excited.


Grand-mother (opens her eyes)

Well, what’s the use? What’s the scholarship going to give you? You get to see new things, new places? After all that, when you’re old, your life’s going to end, and all these “scholarships” won’t mean a thing.


Dad (slightly rocking the child)

Oh come on, Mother. Let’s not go into that. Let’s not spoil the mood.


Grand-mother (raising her voice, slightly quavering)

Look at your father. All his life he worked so hard. He achieved all the goals he set and always succeeded. What did that result in? Did it save him from death? Did it make him immortal? NO. Now, he’s ten feet deep in the ground.


But he did know he achieved something.


Grandma, we don’t set goals to extend our lives. We don’t try to succeed to make ourselves immortal. We do it to enrich our lives. We do it to make ourselves feel like we’ve been successful in doing something. We believe in ourselves, we believe we can change the world because we want to do something in our lives that will make us look back at it and say, “Well, I tried and I hope it makes a difference”. It’s for self-fulfillment.


I say it’s no use.


Mother, she’s right. Look at this child as an example. He’s just come into this world and he’s got big things to do…discover things, set goals, achieve them, be successful. And at some point in his life, God will take him away when he wishes. But just because death is inevitable doesn’t mean that we just let life wile away and not do anything.


After all that the child will achieve, he’ll die. What an end to a hard-working life.


Well, at least he’ll be satisfied that he’s done all that he could do. I’m doing all I can…everything I want to do. I feel like I can bring about a change in this world. And I’m going to work hard and try. When I die, all I can hope for is that I’ve made a difference and contributed to the betterment of others. If I’ve done what I’ve wanted, I’ll die happy. And that’s all that matters.


And soon everyone will forget you and everything you’ve done.


(Child starts to cry)

Father (standing up)

Well, he’s up now. I guess I’ll take him into the room.



Daughter (walking towards her room)

Well, Grandma…I’ve got homework to do. I’ll see you at dinner. You have a little nap.



(Grand-mother, rocking herself, closes her eyes)


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