Support Required!!

In my previous post, I talked about an interest-free microfinance organisation I interned at last year. A kid from last year’s batch has launched a campaign and the aim of this campaign is to spread information about Akhuwat, the organisation. To let people know that such an organisation exists. Currently in his first year of A-levels, this idea was brought into motion by one of youngest interns and this year, he came back as part of the main team organising the internship. This campaign is important to him because it is something he feels strongly about and believes in and it would be a great way to show him some support as well. If you could take out some time and support the organisation, that would be great! All that is required is a support through Facebook or Twitter. What’s great is that you can even take back the support if you feel like it!!

If you would like to show some support, please do it here:

We only have till the 1st of August and the aim is to get 500 supports! Do let me know if you join the campaign! 🙂


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