So Happy!

I’m extremely happy right now because I finally crossed the 100-views line. I’m so excited and I’m so glad that I actually started to blog. 1 month, 10 days and 25 posts later, I have 107 views (and counting) with 24 followers. I mean, half of the views were received in one day and there weren’t any follows (I mean, am I that bad? :P) but I am really happy about the way things are going. I didn’t expect much when I started since I’m just a speck in this vast blogging universe but I’m really glad I belong to it. I hope that everyone who’s read my posts so far has enjoyed them and I hope that you continue to enjoy them. A shout-out to the follows and likes. Thank you so much! I will take on this spirit and continue with added passion and dedication!! Again, thank you and have a nice day!!


2 thoughts on “So Happy!

  1. I came across your blog in the most random manner, but the posts I’ve read are quite spontaneous/good natured, which made going through the post entertaining. Also the sketch ‘silent’ is thought provoking. Keep up the good work and I hope your blog takes off=)


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