Where Am I?

I put on my tail and jump into the vast expanse of water. I cut through the surface and race through, like a bullet searching for something that will bring an end to its journey.

I traverse across land, swift and nimble, like a lion hunting for its prey. Searching for something that is in plain sight but cannot be reached. The lighest sound and the prey will disappear, like a candle blown out, like a wisp of smoke. Here, and then gone.

I put on my wings and fly through the skies, loud and boisterous, like they belong to me. But the smallest impact will send me hurtling down and nothing can protect me.

Aimless, but in search, I dive, wander, soar. I have a destination but I do not know where. I am seeking for something but I do not know what. I have something to strive for but I do not know how.

Where do I go?


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