Maltesers Cake – Chocolate Galore

Maltesers Cake
Maltesers Cake

So I came across this page called “Dessert Recipes” on Facebook and I think I landed on it because someone in my friends list had liked the page or a picture on the page. I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, I was going through the tempting pictures when I came across this amazingly glorious cake and I had to give it a try. I have to say, for a first attempt, the cake turned out pretty good. It’s Maltesers Cake and it really tastes SO good, even if I say so myself. The only reason why my cake isn’t completely covered in Maltesers is because they are freaking expensive here (or simply not priced to fit my budget) and I couldn’t purchase three big packs of Maltesers just so that I could indulge in a cake at home. : p I mean, it IS chocolate, but it still looks pretty without all of them. And although I ran out of Maltesers, it still looks and tastes good, so no harm done! Anyway, here’s the link for the original picture (for comparison purposes, but be warned: my cake obviously can’t look as good as the one in the picture : p):

Soon, I might just add a picture of what my cake looks like from the inside.


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