Scary Experiences.

The night before last was the scariest night for me. Well, one of the scariest nights. I’m sure we’ve all had such nights. Waking up from a nightmare in the middle of the night. Experiencing an earthquake while in bed. And somehow, all of this seems ten times scarier than it would on any other night. Winters have a knack for doing that. Silent and dark and a freakish experience to top it all off.

So, at 4:12 am exactly on Saturday, I was awakened by this really loud noise. And I mean really loud. Being awakened like this really isn’t very pleasant. I realized that what part of the noise comprised of was my window, or a window, rattling loudly. I thought we had left one of our windows open and someone had closed it with full force, causing the rattling noise. First thought? Possibly, burglars. Or an earthquake. But I would have felt it. Maybe it was just really loud lightning or a really strong gust of wind. But I would hear it whistling even afterwards.

I hopped out of bed and pulled apart my curtains to determine if that was the case (burglars) since I thought I heard it behind our house, right under my bedroom window. (Please note that I did that after a few minutes because of the fact that I was paralyzed from fear for a couple of minutes in my bed and my heart won’t stop racing.) Anyway, nothing there. Thought? Maybe the burglars are inside the house already and making their way upstairs. Oh well. I always rush to the scariest conclusions since my mind likes to mess with me most of the time. But burglars would have been obvious and I would have heard the sound of glass breaking if that was the case.

Anyway, all I could do was wonder if anyone else in the house had heard it and wrap myself in my blanket hoping for the best, which was to fall asleep again. But considering the fact that my heart was pumping like crazy, that wasn’t possible. And to top it all off, I was up for the next two hours because this really considerate mosquito wanted to make sure I hadn’t passed out and kept buzzing in my ears to ensure that I still had use of my arms and hands.

It was one hell of a scary night and my entire family heard the noise. It was a mystery. Nothing in the news. That ruled out possibilities of anything worthy of catching the public eye. We thought we would never find out. We found out in the evening that a few lanes behind us, someone’s geyser blew up, causing one of their walls to come down and also causing their immediate neighbour’s windows to be broken. That was the source of the noise and the force of it was so strong that it caused our windows to rattle along with slamming shut our open window. It was scary enough for us. I can only imagine how horrible it must have been for the occupants of those homes. Luckily, no one got hurt but it sure gave everyone involved a massively huge fright!


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