Let’s Write About Travels!

Recently, I went on a family trip to Kaghan Valley which is located in the north-west province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. I wanted to write about it but, as mentioned in my last post, my laziness overtook me and instead of posting on my blog, I started posting daily drawings on Instagram.

However, since I have taken an oath to pay more attention to my blog, I will be writing about my 3-day trip, posting an entire day in each post. I’ll try to keep it brief and it’ll have lots of pictures. It was an absolutely amazing place and I would certainly go back, if given the opportunity to do so. I hope you will read my rambles about my pretty short but pretty awesome trip!

To give you an idea of the place, we got to see these beautiful peaks every day, most of the day. It was pretty amazing.

00 444

As a random question, what is the last place you travelled to or visited and what did you like/dislike about it and why?

P.s. This is meant to be an attempt at travel blogging. I hope I do it justice.


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