Ice-cream Cake Heaven!

imageSo, my mum decided to make Nigella’s Ice-cream Cake and it turned out heavenly. The first time I had it, I obviously smeared it with butterscotch sauce (only after heating it in the microwave first, of course). It was sensational.

The second time I had it, I decided to make it a little interesting and decided to pour some chocolate onto it. Well, it obviously wasn’t going to be plain old chocolate syrup so I melted Milka (which had hazelnuts in it) in the microwave and continued to slather my slice with it. And boy was it worth it! Definitely melt some chocolate as “chocolate sauce” if you decide to make this cake. It completely takes the cake to another level of heavenly deliciousness.


Stairway to Heaven


Waffles and Ice Cream at 3 a.m.

Okay, so, it has been a long time since I have posted anything which is why I decided to find an excuse to post something and what better way to regain my posting flow than to start with dessert, right? I couldn’t help posting both the pictures because choosing just one was too difficult.

photo (2)

photo (1)

And the next time you’re hungry at night and have some waffles you made for breakfast lying around, pop them in the toaster (if you like them a little crispy), throw a huge scoop of chocolate (or your favourite) ice-cream onto them (or it, if you prefer one) and drizzle on some chocolate syrup (certainly not with a light hand, if you know what I mean). And ENJOY!

Maltesers Cake – Inside and Outside

So, I said I wanted to post another picture which included the inside and outside of the cake. Here it isss!! : p


Maltesers Cake – Chocolate Galore

Maltesers Cake
Maltesers Cake

So I came across this page called “Dessert Recipes” on Facebook and I think I landed on it because someone in my friends list had liked the page or a picture on the page. I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, I was going through the tempting pictures when I came across this amazingly glorious cake and I had to give it a try. I have to say, for a first attempt, the cake turned out pretty good. It’s Maltesers Cake and it really tastes SO good, even if I say so myself. The only reason why my cake isn’t completely covered in Maltesers is because they are freaking expensive here (or simply not priced to fit my budget) and I couldn’t purchase three big packs of Maltesers just so that I could indulge in a cake at home. : p I mean, it IS chocolate, but it still looks pretty without all of them. And although I ran out of Maltesers, it still looks and tastes good, so no harm done! Anyway, here’s the link for the original picture (for comparison purposes, but be warned: my cake obviously can’t look as good as the one in the picture : p):

Soon, I might just add a picture of what my cake looks like from the inside.