Pages 2 & 3 – Poetry Journal

Here are pages 2 and 3 of my poetry journal. I have only been able to get this far but I will get back to it as soon as I can relocate my journal which I seem to have misplaced. Whoops! Hopefully more will follow soon…contingent on me finding it. Enjoy!




I fell back
Thought you were behind me
I missed a step
That wasn’t there
I fell back
Into a space
But restless
Pacing to wear it out
Releasing to calm it down
I’ll be okay


You repeatedly said
I do not think
You know what that means
Not tearing down
Not scooping out
Not sacrificing
Beyond repair
That I lost myself
In the mess you made
And I reek of it
Deep inside
You wanted it
The way it was “supposed to be”
You wanted to take out
Everything I was
And fill to the brim
What you preconceived me to be
Did you wonder
Think to create
Something new
Without an instruction manual
Because the result differed
In reality
So you left
Telling someone else
It is not what you think
It means


ImageAs you may have noticed, most of my drawings have been very simple, straighforward. Probably not the first abstract one I posted but all the ones that followed. Taking that into consideration, I drew this because I wanted to try out something that involved a lot of details. (I can’t really say that I succeeded, but you’ve got to try, right? I mean just look at the poor fellow standing behind prison bars. I mean, I thought it was possible for a prison cell to be located RIGHT on a starcase.) Anyway, it obviously didn’t turn out as good as I had pictured it in my head but I guess it isn’t bad enough, either.

If you want to look for errors, you’re probably going to find a lot of them but hey, this is just a drawing so just appreciate it as it is, okay? : P