Exchange is meant
To and fro, flowing serenely
Without protest, with assurance
Smooth transition
Carving ways slowly
Treading light footsteps
Cotton balls of passion
Thread and needle
Tight seams
Refusal as acceptance
Coloured red string
Harmoniously spaced
Smooth tugs
Wreathed in
Incorrect stitches undone
With mutual unraveling
Without a thread
There is no cloth
Without a trickle
There is no pathway
Without acknowledgement of fences
There is no harmony
Without limitations
There is no understanding



You repeatedly said
I do not think
You know what that means
Not tearing down
Not scooping out
Not sacrificing
Beyond repair
That I lost myself
In the mess you made
And I reek of it
Deep inside
You wanted it
The way it was “supposed to be”
You wanted to take out
Everything I was
And fill to the brim
What you preconceived me to be
Did you wonder
Think to create
Something new
Without an instruction manual
Because the result differed
In reality
So you left
Telling someone else
It is not what you think
It means


I lie down at night

On a bed of barbed wire

My mind is shattered glass

I move and I’m pierced

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Another Untitled Poem

I have
All the air
I need to breathe
I have
All my limbs
Free to move
I have
All my mental capabilities
To think how I want
I have
In things to be chosen
Why do I feel
I am trapped
In a box without walls
Why do I feel
I don’t have air
Free to inhale
Why do I feel
I am on my knees
With a blow
Only I can sense
Why do I feel
Like I’m loud
Shouting for recognition
In my silence
Why do I feel
A blemish
Only me
So forgotten

Note: Symmetry helps me breathe.


(I have to admit this poem was vastly inspired by the book I’m reading these days: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte)

Every anguish delivered
Leads to a stroke
Every harsh word uttered
Leads to a sketch
Every taunt thrown
Leads to a flow of words

Every hasty dismissal
Every remark of intolerance
Every false declaration of affection
Leads to creation
Leads to chaotic confusion
Leads to the birth of something beautiful

Implored and beseeched
Ignored and unreached

Are your words true and humble
Or just loose and wild

Relieve me of this pain
Since misery is all it entails
If your mirth is what rests upon this
Kiss it goodbye for I shall do with it no more