Pages 2 & 3 – Poetry Journal

Here are pages 2 and 3 of my poetry journal. I have only been able to get this far but I will get back to it as soon as I can relocate my journal which I seem to have misplaced. Whoops! Hopefully more will follow soon…contingent on me finding it. Enjoy!



I am chained.

You have pushed me into a chasm of despair. It grows deeper as I recall your bitter words and it grows wider when you remain silent. The swirling black fog of despondency refuses to lift. I can move but that chasm seems to move with me – a permanent distance between us. I will have to leap to escape it and you will have to dive. A slight resemblance, a familiar voice, hurls me deeper into the conflict that you do not feel. The chains that you have thrown around my emotions are only bound to you and my fight against them only weakens my resolve. Let them loose so that I can tread, just slightly. Let them loose or bind them forever with your heart.

Not a poem

(I found this last night. I wrote this back in 2009.)


Black and grey

That’s all I see

Colourless and lifeless

Gloomy and depressing

Dark and haunting

Lonely and scared

Deserted and abandoned

Dead and corpse-like

Figures start to form in my eyes

Shuffling their feet

Each laboured breath

Each empty grasp

Each step harder

Trip over my feet

As I run to escape this horrible image

Following me


As I speed up


(This is a poem I wrote around 6 years ago. I wrote it in 10 minutes so it really isn’t the best but it sure does represent a torrent of emotions transferred onto paper!)


Destined to doom
Walk the path
A voice beckons
Go to the calling
Feel the insanity
Mingle with the perturbed
Face the wrath
It burns
Leaves a black mark behind
Walk ahead
Complete the journey
He calls you
Red and green
Flames rise ahead
Feel the moisture
Walk the path
Don’t look behind
Complete the journey
Don’t regret
Engulfed in flames
It burns
Red, orange